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Quiet..... but VERY busy

We haven't updated the website in a while, real life has got in the way, but we have been very busy performing and running workshops.

We've now finished performing our tribute to the 1967 "Summer of Love" which was inspired by the Beatles' Sgt. Pepper and are now creating and rehearsing our new show for Festivals in 2019:

"ATOMIUM" - A futuristic departure for us as we change our design Aesthetic into a Technopop, Machine-driven story based on the music of Electro Legend, Karl Bartos, (Ex- Kraftwerk)

No more Happy Stickmen or Psychedelic Mushrooms for us!

This year it's all about a story inspired by the Artwork of Moebius, Druillet, Frank Hampson (Dan Dare), Films such as "THX 1138", "Metropolis", "I, Robot" and "Forbidden Planet" and of course, the driving Electro Beats of one of Germany's greatest Artists.

Previews coming soon!

We've also spent the past year performing and running workshops in Schools and the Community and have created a number of huge Fire Labyrinths and shows for Events all over the country.

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