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Safely Dangerous!

Hummadruz Fire Labyrinths and Fire Shows are unique and highly memorable !

We can create a bespoke labyrinth for your event or party - classical labyrinths are popular but we can also design something original in partnership with you.

They take a little over 2 hours to lay out and then, with a fanfare and ceremony, our team of professional fire artists will light and open up the labyrinth Paths to be walked!

There's 20-30 minutes of a magical, and spiritual fire-walking experience.

We've done numerous Labyrinths and Fire Finales at Nozstock Festival; Labyrinths at Barefoot Festival, Blue Lagoon & Gathering of the Greens and dozens of Fire shows all over Wales.
"Stu and his team are completely professional and bring a magic touch to our event. We're always delighted with their contribution to our event and our festival goers love the interactive nature of the fire show and maze. Highly recommended"

- Louisa Darling at Barefoot Festival

The Labyrinths leave behind a pattern on your grass that will grow back in 2 to 3 months!

we Insist that children under 14 are accompanied by an adult, but no babes in arms allowed.

We emphasise safety, all events are thoroughly risk assessed and we have specialist Public Liability insurance.

all labyrinths are Stewarded throughout.

Suitable for:
Festivals - Fireworks Displays- Weddings - Promotional Events - Corporate Events - Parties - Workshops
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