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Gustav Holst's

The Planets


The Planets tour finished in October 2014, a product of around 12 months work, funded by the Arts Council of Wales.  With this project came performances in 6 theatres across Wales, spanning every region.

This show, performed to Gustav Holst's classical suite The Planets, followed eight seperate stories written and choreographed by the company, designed to suit each piece of Holst's suite. The music expresses holst's characterisation of the seven Planets in our solar system (not including Earth):

Mars, The Bringer of War

Venus, The Bringer of Peace

Mercury, The Winged Messenger

Jupiter, The Bringer of Jollity

Saturn, The Bringer of Old Age

Uranus, The Magician

Neptune, The Mystic


In our interpretation we split Mars into two, placing the second half at the end to give our show a more dramatic and exciting ending. The Planets was one of the most beautiful, electrifying and bombastic pieces we had ever heard, it struck our hearts almost instantly, making it the perfect production for us at this time.

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