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Atomium is our Festival and Club show inspired by music of Electro-Pop legend, KARL BARTOS (ex-Kraftwerk) and the graphic novels of MOEBIUS.

The driving soundtrack is mixed to create a story but of course, our audiences can also dance to it.

Premiering in a basic form at Nozstock 2019, we are expanding and developing the show ready for Festivals, Clubs and Theatres into 2020. 

Two astronauts in the far future find a deactivated robot in caves on a distant moon, surrounded by alien hieroglyphics. Reactivating it, the Robot then tells the story of how it was woken up from its conforming existence by a floating Eyebot who was sent from another planet to find it. The Robot broke its chains and escaped to go and meet its creator who has an upgrade or “patch” for it. They search for the city of Atomium.
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