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Rick Wakeman's

Journey to the Centre of the Earth

Our first large scale theatre and festival tour took place in the summer of 2013, where we toured 3 South Wales Theatres (Taliesin Swansea, Borough Abergavenny and WMC Cardiff) and also the Green Man Festival Crickhowell.

The show was an Ultra-Violet interpretation of Rick Wakeman's album Journey to the Centre of the Earth 1975, based on the original novel by Jules Verne.

To the outstandingly beautiful prog album, we retold the story of the three protagonists in the novel through illusion, puppetry, circus and mime.

Funded by the Arts Council of Wales.

The show was also accompanied by an entirely original piece, that we named Eye Wonder. This followed the story of a poor, lonely underdog, tired of his mundane working lifestyle.

Hysterical from the complications of the 21st Century, he collapses in his chair, and his dreams transport him beyond reality to finding true love and facing his demons.

Featuring soundtracks from Pink Floyd, Focus and Eat Static, this show was a lighter, more family friendly watch than it's counterpart. This piece was also much more visually important, with a thinner narrative but incredible spectacle and psychedelic beauty.


Here are some clips of Journey to the Centre of the Earth performed at The Wales Millennium Centre's Weston Studio in August 2013.

These were our favourite parts both to perform and watch back.

They not only show the three key points of the plot but also our hardest work in the production, including our biggest puppets and most difficult choreography!


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